HEG Brexit Statement

Following the news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, lots of questions are being asked and there is uncertainty about how Energy prices will be affected here in Ireland.

Markets have reacted significantly to the UK’s decision; the pound has fallen dramatically overnight versus the dollar to its lowest since 1985 and traders are fleeing the currency markets in favour of “safe” investments in precious metals, sending stock markets into turmoil.

Volatility in commodities is expected to continue over the next few weeks until markets find new settlement levels, but where does this leave your energy contract in the meantime?

The price of oil has fallen nearly 5% overnight while the price of gas increased. Customers in contract with the HEG Tracker can be assured of being protected from any major spikes in cost as we have a risk management strategy linked to your position over the period of your contract.

Customers who are on a fixed price contract are totally protected for the period of their contract and those who are about to come out of contract in the near future will gain from the benefit of our risk managed tracker product.

HEG will continue to monitor the markets and keep you abreast of any relevant energy market movements while continuing to manage your energy contract.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or +353 (0) 21 23 55 777

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