‘HEG publishes daily and weekly reports, researched and written by market intelligence energy experts’

Oil and gas markets are driven by factors as diverse as earthquakes in Japan, conflict in Ukraine, OPEC quota strategies, and weather, to name but a few.

HEG monitors all these factors and more, and constantly feeds back to you what factors affect you, what they mean for you and what you should consider doing – both to mitigate risk and seize opportunities.

HEG publishes a series of easily understood reports written in plain English which keep you informed on what is happening in the market, with more detailed explanations on key points to help you develop your knowledge of the energy market.  Furthermore, HEG looks for issues that will influence the market in the coming months and inform our customers as to what to watch for and what it means for them.

We publish daily and weekly reports, researched and written by market intelligence energy experts. View a sample of the daily report here and the weekly report here.

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