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 Case Study
Sector: Commercial Property Management Annual Energy Consumption: 8.9 GWh Annual Energy Spend: €2.1 million Contract Type: Flexible - Risk Managed Yearly Savings Achieved: €107,817
Executive Summary
HEG has been involved with Bannon for the past number of years, providing procurement, market intelligence and account management services for their portfolio’s electricity and gas supplies.
About the Client
The Challenges
The brief from the client was for HEG to carry out a procurement exercise for their group of properties, synchronising contract start and end dates for all properties and using bulk buying power to achieve best available rates. HEG was also requested to review all MICs and tariffs to find any anomalies in the billing format and therefore optimise the client’s costs.
Bannon actively review their clients’ energy consumption profiles, so this has been something HEG was asked to advise on.
The Solution
HEG carried out a number of rounds of tendering on behalf of the group to achieve best pricing. Contracts were awarded to the leading supplier, all with the same start and end date, and any new instructions Bannon have received have been rolled into the present contract. All of the savings opportunities identified in our MIC and tariff analysis report have been processed, resulting in strong savings across the portfolio. Bannon were set up with premium online access with their supplier, providing them with the ability to review consumption data in depth. Bannon also received HEG Energy Buddis to use on their sites.
The tender realised a saving of €81,817.16 ex VAT against the previous position. On top of this, the MIC and tariff amendments brought a further saving of €28,171.76.
Bannon is Ireland’s largest domestically owned Commercial Property Consultancy with a team of 55 experienced Chartered Surveyors and Commercial Property Consultants, and is
the market leader in Retail Management. Bannon Property Management is constantly looking for ways to add value to their portfolio of client assets through the introduction of professional solutions.
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