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Measuring Energy cost can be a complex task. Whether you are a single site lower energy user or a large industrial energy user, we offer clear and transparent comparison & procurement services to businesses of all sizes. Regardless of energy spend or organisation size, our comparison and procurement services are developed in line with the client’s needs.
Electricity and gas markets in Ireland are driven by factors as diverse as earthquakes in Japan, conflict in Ukraine, OPEC quota strategies, and weather, to name but a few. HEG monitors all these factors and more, and constantly feeds back to you what factors affect you, what they mean for you and what you should consider doing – both to mitigate risk and seize opportunities to hedge or unhedge a position. Further to this, our HEG Energy BuddiTM has been developed to help you actively monitor and control your energy usage thereby reducing your consumption and carbon footprint and helping you understand how and where you use your energy.
Our reporting tools allow you to collect the data you need to report your energy use and carbon emissions, plus they provide the road map to help you reduce your energy cost, energy use and carbon footprint.

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