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  Account Management
‘HEG provides year-round account support, offering comprehensive assistance in managing your energy requirements.’
We are committed to providing excellent customer service
and aim to show transparency, integrity and professionalism
in everything we do. We take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our customers; understanding their business needs and supporting their internal teams.
The Account Management team act as the focus of interaction, ensuring that strong working relationships can be developed and your needs best met. We believe in the importance of working in partnership with our clients to achieve their specific requirements and are proud of our very high level of customer retention.
HEG provides year-round account support, offering comprehensive assistance in managing your energy requirements.
Energy Audits
‘All companies over a
certain size are now required
by law to carry out an energy
The EU EED is part of the EU’s action plan to address global warming. Of significance to businesses is Article 8 of the Directive that requires large organisations to carry out an energy audit by 5 December 2015 and every four years thereafter.
This EU Directive has been transposed into Irish law as SI 426 of 2014. In the UK, Article 8 of the Directive has been implemented by a scheme known as ESOS.
In summary, the Directive requires large organisations to have a high quality energy audit undertaken/signed off by a competent person.
HEG has a team of SEAI Registered Energy Auditors trained to analyse your utility bills and building equipment and come up with financially sound energy saving opportunities, including: 1. Lower operating costs
2. Reduction in energy bills
3. Increase in productivity
4. Improvement of equipment reliability 5. Lower equipment maintenance costs
Energy, Carbon & Sustainability Reporting
‘Don’t let poor data drain
your team’s time and
resources. Let the HEG
platform transform your poor
data in to rich insights.’
Introducing HEG’s energy, carbon & sustainability data acquisition and data cleansing platforms
What gets measured, gets managed, and the Carbon & Energy solution enables such performance monitoring across all energy and emissions generating activities.
The solution is optimised for high volumes of high frequency interval and meter data, as well as providing the user with insightful interactive “stock charts” style visualisations to highlight hotspots of consumption, set targets, and monitor the performance of individual meters or sub meters.
The Energy & Carbon solution is built on the HEG Platform, so it enjoys all of the powerful automated data acquisition and data cleansing capabilities, as well as enterprise class audit controls.
Performance reporting is a key part of the Energy & Carbon Solution, and monitoring not just the quantities consumed but also by normalising and standardising the data. Additional insights are achieved by using KPI’s such as floor space, revenue, production volumes, and headcount which gives a more realistic perspective.
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