‘HEG provides year-round account support, offering comprehensive assistance in managing your energy requirements’

Supplier errors in billing can often go unnoticed, particularly if the correct measures are not in place to spot them.

As contract structures become increasingly complex, checking and confirming your energy bills can prove a time-consuming and potentially confusing task. Coupled with the fact that billing errors, particularly within the non-half hourly metered market, are rife, you may be building up to a potentially expensive headache.

Our dedicated team of specialists can undertake bill validations retrospectively or if preferred, prior to payment, giving you the peace of mind that you are only paying invoices which are correct. We will analyse bills against a set of parameters agreed with you and will ensure that checks are carried out in core areas. A monthly discrepancy report will allow you to track any errors identified so that you can see the benefits of the service. In addition, our specialist team will undertake to assist in the resolution of any queries resulting from the process, liaising directly with the supplier to ensure that errors are corrected as quickly as possible.