Lighting is one of the single largest energy draws in commercial office buildings.

It represents an enormous percentage of operating budgets while producing a large share of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

HEG’s Value Proposition, offered in partnership with Rexel, the global leader in the professional distribution of electrical products and services:

  • HEG will analyse, engineer, procure, install and maintain all LED lighting in  partnership with Rexel
  • HEG pays for all lighting, installation and maintenance cost
  • HEG warranties and services lights for the entire contract term
  • HEG splits the electrical savings with the customer.

HEG and Rexel will finance 100% of the capital cost of LED lighting, including installation and maintenance, at ZERO cost to the customer. By retrofitting existing lighting solutions with LED lighting, we help clients lock in energy and cost savings.

HEG and Rexel have partnered with several best of brand lighting manufacturers and we cover all costs to engineer, procure, install and maintain the LED lighting. The customer and HEG share in the cost savings over the contract period so there is no capital cost to the customer – only savings.

Suitable for property management portfolios, state and local governments and their agencies, hospitals, universities, schools, shopping centres and stores, office buildings, factories and plants.