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Navarre govt greenlights 111-MW Cavar wind complex:

The government of the Spanish region of Navarre on Monday rubber-stamped the approval of the construction of four wind farms totalling 111 MW in the municipalities of Cadreita and Valtierra.

Pamplona-based wind farm developer Renovables de la Ribera SL was given 36 months to finalise the projects. The farms, Cavar 1, Cavar 2, Cavar 3A and Cavar 3B, will be equipped with eight wind turbines each. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA has been selected to supply the machines with a rated capacity of 3,465 kW and a hub height of 101.5 metres.

The expected output per farm is 90,000 MWh annually, which should be enough to power 25,700 average households each year.

Article Source: https://www.energymarketprice.com/energy-news/navarre-govt-greenlights-111-mw-cavar-wind-complex



Russia to Cut Crude Oil Production:

Russia’s oil output will be cut by another 1 million barrels per day over the next week after its oil exports were restricted due to contamination issues.

The contaminated crude oil was shipped through Transneft’s Druzhba pipeline, causing the pipeline operator to call on Russian oil producers to request reduced volumes – a 10% reduction, Oil Price reported.

The contamination issue – which Transneft says was deliberate – has been quite a headache for Russia, but European refineries are taking most of the brunt, and have caused Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary to release 8 million barrels of oil reserves to keep their refineries refining.

Russia’s oil production had already fallen in April to 11.23 million barrels per day, although the levels were still above its production quota that it agreed to with OPEC of 11.191 million bpd.

Article Source: https://www.energymarketprice.com/energy-news/russia-to-cut-crude-oil-production

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