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Renewables ‘set to make up 65% of Ireland’s energy capacity by 2030’

That’s the forecast from data and analytics firm GlobalData, which says the drive to add 5.8GW of additional non-hydro renewable power capacity over the next decade, with the goal of reaching a total 9.6GW, will require massive investment in offshore wind and solar photovoltaic capacity.

It notes offshore wind capacity is set to increase from 25MW to 1.9GW at a compound annual growth rate of 48.8%,, while it predicts solar capacity will rise from 25MW to 1.3GW at a compound growth rate of 43%.

The country’s power consumption is expected to see a minimal increase from 27.9TWh in 2019 to 31.4TWh in 2030.

Article Source: https://www.energymarketprice.com/energy-news/renewables-‘set-to-make-up-65-of-ireland’s-energy-capacity-by-2030’


Coal generation in Europe down 19% in 2019 as phase-outs take effect

Coal generation in Europe dipped 19% over the first six months of 2019, according to Brussels-based think tank Sandbag.

The non-profit’s latest report highlights a collapse in the use of the fuel in virtually every European coal-burning country, with wind and solar accounting for half of the gap and fossil gas replacing the other 50%.

Sandbag predicts if the trend continues throughout the year, it will reduce the EU’s carbon emissions by 65 million tonnes compared with 2018, while cutting the bloc’s greenhouse gases by 1.5%.

Dave Jones, electricity analyst at Sandbag, said: “2019 may mark the beginning of the end for coal power in Europe. The biggest falls are by those countries encouraging wind and solar and planning for a coal phase-out.

Article Source: https://www.energymarketprice.com/energy-news/coal-generation-in-europe-down-19-in-2019-as-phase-outs-take-effect

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