‘HEG will put in place a risk management policy that is specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation’

On procuring a flexible energy contract it is crucial to the successful management of the budget that you implement and operate a rigid risk management strategy that works with your organisation’s objectives to manage both market and volume related risks.

Now more than ever you are challenged with complex, volatile and demanding energy market conditions. HEG provides clients with a broad array of risk management services for natural gas and electricity which are aligned with your organisation’s objectives and risk tolerance. Our goals are to help you better manage your projected budgets to actual costs, assist you in making informed hedging decisions, reduce administrative costs, and provide you with the most up-to-date and meaningful information available.

Through constant market analysis, a structured risk plan, established short and long term goals, and effective execution, we work to reduce your energy spend. Our comprehensive price risk management service is designed to monitor, measure, and evaluate energy market risks and opportunities. This service bridges a critical energy market information gap. We provide clients with an informed procurement decision-making capability based on a combination of HEG expert consultation, and client risk assessment tools to customize risk tolerance on an individual client basis. Our advice is based on data-driven market information.

Utilising our risk management service components, HEG assesses a client’s risk tolerance. We then develop a strategy, create a risk plan in concert with the client’s objectives, execute the plan, and continually monitor and measure results against established objectives. In addition, risk management strategies will be integrated with physical energy procurement strategies.

Hedging Opportunities

Of course, there is no definitive time to hedge energy commodities. Our clients choose to hedge at different times because they have differentiating objectives related to cost risk exposure. Whether you hedge monthly, quarterly, or opportunistically, HEG’s experts will help you chart a course. HEG monitors commodity trends on a daily basis. When warranted, HEG will issue a Market Alert coupled with supporting analysis indicating that a purchasing opportunity should be evaluated.